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Full information about Shell — 5401 Manchaca Road, Austin, Texas 78745 Texas 78745

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5401 Manchaca Road,
Austin, Texas

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+1 512-707-7250

ATM Finance


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    I have had so many bad experiences with an employee at this Gas Station. He was an older man with glasses. I found him to be very rude and bully people he had trouble with, and people he did not like. My entire building of neighbors had problems with him. I went and confronted him and I spoke to other co-workers about him. He was still rude and I told him do you have any idea how much money myself and my neighbors spend at this store in one year. He said "I do not care!" I went back a few days ago and did not see him and the new person made up for all his rudeness. Why employees feel they can say and go what they want at a place of business is confusing to me. I also did not understand why he did not back down when I told him to be nice to people.
    By J Dwayne Nabarro, May 05, 2017
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