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1114 Lost Creek Boulevard #310,
Austin, Texas

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  • Ok, so I'm one of those cases that you hear about where you're dealing with a difficult custody situation. I know everyone thinks they're in the worst position ever and have the worst case ever and no one else could possibly understand what you're going through. Well, you're not alone, I'm one of those too. I've had to take pretty extreme measures over the years. If you can understand this and relate to it, then you need to think about Cristi Trusler as your counsel. She has helped me deal with a impossible situation. The way Cristi handles her clients and the opposition is unlike most attorney's you'll come across in your life. Cristi get's involved in the special circumstances and will see your view point to get you the most you can get out of your case. You're not a file case with her, you're a real person dealing with a real situation. Whether it's assets or children, you're in the best hands possible. She's always been responsive and gets back to me quickly in those times when you need a calming voice to bring you back to reality.
    By Brian Balli, March 17, 2018
  • The entire team at Trusler Legal will forever be at the top of my ‘favorite people on the planet’ list! The prospect of filing for divorce was the most daunting time in my life. I’d been separated from my now ex-wife for 3 years. She is an attorney and the original plan was that she would draft a decree and we’d both sign and move on amicably. Unfortunately, my ex took an emotional and behavioral turn for the worst and began making outrageous claims against me, threatening to take my children away. I needed help! In researching my options, I decided to pursue the Collaborative model, which put Trusler legal on my list of candidates. I called at least a half dozen firms. Only at Trusler Legal did someone answer the phone who did NOT seem to be ‘selling’ me on scheduling an initial consultation, at the full hourly rate of $400-$600/hr. On the contrary. All my questions were answered with clarity and confidence. I scheduled a one hour consultation, was not charged a penny, and the consultation lasted nearly 3 hours! Cristi has expert ability to hear everything, slice through the inevitable diatribe (which must flow freely from people facing down a divorce), and set course towards productivity. I gained even more confidence when handed the clear and transparent billing model outline, allowing me to chart my own course. I was not able to pursue the Collaborative model due to the hostility and toxicity of my ex. However, Cristi helped me beyond words in navigating this quagmire. She applied reason, never pressure. While my ex was making wild claims and threatening to push our case to trial, Cristi gave me all the courage and confidence in the world. At times Cristi voiced concerns with regards to my approach and while I respected her opinion, and LOVED her willingness to go on the offensive, I was most impressed that she was able to clearly voice those concerns, explain possible consequences, but in the end apply no pressure, rather advise and do her best to accomplish my goals. My goals were accomplished! My divorce settled in mediation, on my terms. I wish divorce on NO ONE! However, it happens… I’ve already recommended 2 close friends to Cristi and I will continue to send people in need her way. Understanding the prohibitive cost of divorce, most of the work done on my case was done by 2 of her paralegals, saving me thousand of dollars in fees. Though, it should also be pointed out that Cristi’s rate is among the lowest I found in all Austin. Trusler Legal is not just Cristi! She has surrounded herself with a bright, responsive, compassionate team. The team you want on your side if you’re in need of a family law attorney. Cristi, Rebekah, Selina, Dawn, and Graydon… THANK YOU!! From the bottom of my heart, thank you!!
    By Joseph Franek, October 15, 2017
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